Who We Are


We are an organization with a mission to better New Orleans through community service and political involvement. We here at IDEA believe that this mission can be accomplished by setting new political trends in the community through education, encouragement and action. IDEA consists of a diverse group of individuals that are community-minded and interested in forging a durable relationship with all residents of New Orleans and their political representation. IDEA of New Orleans is involved in great causes that help the people in our communities.

Members of IDEA boast a variety of social, geographic, political, and professional backgrounds including:

  • City Government
  • Criminal & Family Law
  • Education
  • Architectural
  • Engineering
  • Employment Consulting

What We Do

IDEA strives to improve and enhance the lives of community members through programs that are designed to enrich the minds, bodies, and spirits of the people who live here. We are involved in the political arena by endorsing candidates who are right for the position, and we make every effort to hold our city leaders accountable for what happens in our neighborhoods.

We have created enrichment programs to promote growth through education, economic development, professional networking, service industry involvement, and youth mentoring programs. IDEA has a common goal for each member to ensure the organizations dream will continue to prosper by providing a lifetime of selfless services. It is our earnest desire to be a strong and positive influence in the community!

Our Goals

  • Community, community, community
  • 100% eligible voter registration
  • A transparent political process
  • Maximization and equalization of educational resources
  • Holding our leaders accountable
  • True representation


  • Finance and Economic Development Committee
  • Community Outreach, Recruitment & Retention Committee
  • Political Committee


To learn more about IDEA and our governance structure please download our latest bylaws here:

Download Bylaws


At IDEA we understand what it means to give back to our community. IDEA was founded on this basic principle and our commitment to service could not be stronger. Below are programs that are dear to our hearts and represent the type of service we believe every American should have the honor to participate in.

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