About Us

We are an organization with a mission to better New Orleans through community service and political involvement. We here at IDEA believe that this mission can be accomplished by setting new political trends in the community through education, encouragement and action. IDEA consists of a diverse group of individuals that are community-minded and interested in forging a durable relationship with all residents of New Orleans and their political representation. IDEA of New Orleans is involved in great causes that help the people in our communities.


NORD Saved My Life. Others Need That Opportunity

Picture this: a teenager from the Lower Nine who had turned to selling drugs to keep himself and his family alive. He gets an opportunity to turn things around: going to college and interning at City Hall. To keep his connection to the community, he starts coaching baseball and basketball...


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Take action to be a part of our growing movement. Raise awareness and help get the votes to elect the candidates we support.


Sign up to help with voter registration and events. With your participation, you can be directly involved in making positive change for New Orleans.